Woodworking: that’s what allowed Ray Young to reconnect with his 91-year-old father. The pair have made may things, but their mini libraries are truly a sight to behold.

Wildlife wardens successfully rescued a baby elephant that was separated from his herd. Now that the little fella’s had a “mud bath”, mother and son are as cozy as ever.

When 5-year-old Mackenzie offered her stuffed toy, Mr. Moosey, to a police officer, she just wanted the toy to keep the officer safe on the job. She had no idea Mr. Moosey would travel across much of North America, uniting first responders in Canada and the U.S.

Four years after retiring, this Georgia native took up tree climbing. That led him to rescue nearly 800 cats, making Normer Adams a real hero in his community.  

Well, hello there tiny friend. Please, step into our micro pool.” Awwwww

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