Dino was born two and a half months prematurely and was late reaching developmental milestones. But at age five he mastered 18 classical piano pieces and that was only the beginning. Despite a hearing impairment, Dino’s musical abilities flourished, and he has gone on to perform on international stages with other great talents.  

Turns out we don’t speak the same Canadian from coast to coast. Do you know these slang terms?

The birth of a child is beautiful. It could also be described as an amazing feat, stressful and a host of other things. It’s usually the worst of the worst that mothers and fathers recount after the fact. But this mom mixed it up a bit, deciding to photograph the birth of her daughter. She captured some remarkable images.

Toronto announced a goal of achieving net-zero emissions by 2040 and building 285,000 homes by 2031. To achieve one goal could easily mean compromising the other. But not when we rely on all-wood construction. There are more benefits to building with wood than you might realize.

It’s so considerate of him to stop and wait for his friends to catch up. Awwwww.  The song makes it, so be sure to have your volume on.  

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